7 local female rappers you need to listen to right now

2016-08-17 09:02


Patty Monroe, Dope St Jude
Patty Monroe, Dope St Jude (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - These femcees are on the come up and bringing all the girl power. 

These girls are on that hustle, ready to take on the traditionally male dominated hip-hop arena. It's hard outchea for a female rapper to break into the game.

You'll find that Fifi Cooper and Gigi Lamayne are some of the few females among all the AKAs, Casspers, KOs, Kwestas and Riky Ricks of the world. 

But that's all about to change! Here's a taste of emerging local rappers, you should be adding to your playlist. Slay on slayers. 

1. Rouge

The 24-year-old rapper is quickly changing the game and making a name for herself in the local hip-hop scene, with her bold style and dope rhymes. Her track Mbongo Zaka, is flames.

WARNING: Keep fire extinguisher close!

2. Dope St Jude

Dope Saint Jude whose real name is Catherine St Jude Pretorius, is one boss bitch. She actively and openly advocates for feminism, race, body positivity and gender equality in Cape Town. This girl has edge. Approach with caution. 

3. Patty Monroe 

With her unique look and sound, newcomer Patty Monroe is straight up Killin It (get it, cause it's her song) in the game right now. This next level malletjie spits flames for days.  She even has her own MAC ad

4. Miss Celaneous

Hailing from the Mother City, Miss Celaneous, is a natural entertainer and a talented MC. Proving that she one bad ass rapper, she's collaborated with Youngsta, E-jay and G Baby Da Silva.

You might even recognise her from her cameo appearance in Riky Rick's, Boss Zonke


Currently signed to Cape Town-based label Katalis, YOMA is on the come up, in a very real way. She is an Afrikaans rapper with swag and bars that can't be ignored. Keep your eye on this one! 

6. Kanyi

Kanyi is in a league of her own, spitting rhymes in her mother tongue, Xhosa. She burst onto the scene in 2002, performing at open mic sets around Cape Town and is currently rated as one of the most formidable lyricists coming from the Mother City.

If performing at The Cape Town Jazz Festival and sharing the stage with Lauryn Hill isn't a testament to to her skill and ability, then we don't know what is. Kanyi Mavi showcases raw lyrics and straight power in her music! 

7. Primus Laidee

If you haven't checked out her latest banger, Makoti. Then where have you been? This MC's rhymes are personal and totally relatable. Makoti, talks about people who can't mind their own damn business. Whether personal, at work, at home or in your relationship. This music video is for all those nosy people. Eish!