7 Questions: Get to know La Sauce

2017-09-06 15:36
PHOTO: Supplied

LaSauce who was born Sindiswe Magoso, has taken South Africa by storm. The young singer broke into the industry with her debut single “Independent” and was discovered by Ambitiouz Entertainment only a week after her single release.

Get to know the “I do” hit maker:

There are some really interesting stage names in the industry and yours is up there with the best of them. Please tell us how it came about?

The name La Sauce came about by the character that I am and my interesting background with my diverse cultures, multilingualism and style have a great influence. That’s when I came to realise that I have too much sauce as a person and too much sauce to offer the game.

When did you realise that music something you wanted to do?

It was at the age of 8 when I discovered my musical gift. I then used my musical interests and love for Hip Hop and Jazz music to pursue a career in music.  I would often listen to radio and it was only until last year when I realized I had something the industry was missing which was home brewed sounds and styles and that's what sets me apart.

How did you come to be signed by AE?

Well after releasing my first ever single titled 'Independent '.I posted it on Social Media and internet which is where I was discovered after a week of my release.

You are 18 years old and have been featured on Miss Pru’s song Phumelela, your own single Cooler bag is doing really well in such a short space of time. How do you feel about your success?

Firstly I feel very grateful and appreciative for the support I've been receiving. I’m also very eager to change the game and inspire others with talent. Being this young and achieving all that I have achieved musically feels amazing.

I do is a really beautiful love song, please tell us what inspired this hit?

What inspired I Do was love. True love to be specific. The song was made to remind people that love you read about in fairy tales or see from your grandparents which is True love, still exists.

The song’s music video had South Africa in a spin and as a result it hit 1 million views in only 13 days. How did you react to the support?

I was happy and amused at how it became a love anthem in time but mostly proud of making history as a young female in the industry. It was good to see that there are couples that relate to music video with made it more genuine. The support has been amazing and I’ll forever be thankful for the never ending love my fans have shown me to date.

What is next for La Sauce?

More Sauce. I’m working on one of my first projects and it’ll be titled “Broken Lipstick”. I’ll be working with artists in and out of the stable but I must say that it is really something to look forward to. Further than that, People can follow me on social media to stay updated with all the sauce.