7 quick questions for Joey Rasdien

2016-08-23 17:00
Joey Rasdien (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Comedy Central is spreading the love with its second comedy benefit, Comedy Central Cares, taking place on 25 August. 

The benefit will include some of South Africa’s best stand-up comedians, with proceeds from the night being donated to two charities – Rockstart and Orange Babies

Taking part in the event is seasoned comedian Joey Rasdien. Speaking to The Juice about the benefit, Joey says it didn’t take much convincing to get him on board. “If Comedy Central asks you to do something, best you do it” he joked, later noting that it is for a good cause. 

While we had him on the line we managed to sneak in a couple more questions.

Will you be putting anything up for auction at the event? They didn’t ask me to.

If they did, what would you auction?Probably a poster. A poster of Bunny Chow. That’s actually quite valuable. A signed poster that’s framed [signed] by all the people that’s in the movie is valuable. That’s kak valuable.

What are you looking forward to most on the night? The laughter, I guess. When you’re on stage and people laugh at you. That’s always the key. It’s like the gold medal.

Any comedian you’re looking forward to seeing?Skhumba is there? Skhumba is always funny.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far? 
On Tuesday night was a highlight. I did a gig where Thuli Madonsela and Prof. Mervyn King was our guests and afterwards both of them wanted to take a selfie with me.

What can we expect in the next few months? 
Like me personally, I’m not working on anything specific. So I’m one of those guys that hope that people will ask, so nobody asked me.

In a comedy showdown, which 3 comedians would you pick to be on your team? 
Ricky Gervais, that will be number one cause he’s like one of my favourites. Ross Noble, that would probably be number two. And, this is a toss up between Demetri Martin and Louie C.K. I’d go for Demetri Martin.