7 Reasons why we love OPW

2017-08-22 15:53
PHOTO: Thembisa Mdoda/Instagram

Our Perfect Wedding is the perfect way to end off a Sunday evening and South Africans have proven to love the show time and time again. The reality show trends every Sunday night and well into the next day, giving the viewers a platform to voice their opinion of the episode each week.

Here are a few reasons why we absolutely love the show:

1) Thembisa Mdoda has solidified her role as more than just a presenter of the show but also a helping hand to brides in need, and we love her for it.

2) We love getting to know each couples story, and ultimately finding out why it took them (most couples) over 10 years to tie the knot.

3) Like most people we absolutely love the drama that comes from either the families of the bride and groom or the event planners leaving everything to the last minute.

4) Who doesn't enjoy getting to see the wedding party try on their wedding attire? We do!

5) What about those moments when we are all holding our breath because it seems the wedding is going to flop, or the pastor is late, or the dress doesn't fit the bride but in the end everything works out and we can all EXHALE. Yup, we love those too.

6) Seeing beautiful decor and venues is also why we love the show.

7) Last but not least we absolutely love to laugh at those CRINGE worthy kisses the couples dish after they're pronounce husband and wife.