7 times Bonang lived up to her queen status

2017-07-19 19:00


Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba (Photo: Mangue Banzima)

Cape Town - Everyday SA's queen of just about everything serves us extra-goals we can only aspire to.

She has her own emoji pack and even her own book. 

Here are seven times Bonang Matheba took it to another level. 

1. It's never too early for champagne

While the rest of the world enjoys a cup of Nescafe with their Corn Flakes, Bonang is waking up to a glass of champers.

In the first episode of the reality show Being Bonang the TV personality expressed her love affair with bubbles. 

"I absolute die darling, for champagne. There's nothing like a mimosa, it makes the world a better place," she exclaimed while making breakfast her boyfriend. 

Watch the video clip here.

2. Wearing a wedding gown to a casual day at the gold course

Only Bonang can pull off wearing a floor length, lace wedding dress while driving a golf cart.

Oh, and the champagne, of course. 

<="" a="" b="" can="" cart="" driving="" floor="" full-on,="" gold="" gown.="" in="" lace="" length,="" off="" p="" pull="" queen="" wedding="">

And don't forget the matching clutch bag!

Bad. African. Boujee. ????

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3. Crazy expensive travel budget 

We know local celebrity Bonang Matheba loves to travel in style, but just hold on a minute.

This VVIP experience includes your very own private suit, shower and spa, fine dining and even a Bulgari amenity kit. 

Darling, how can we forget the champagne! 

(Read the full story here)

*arm all doors and cross check* ???????? #PassportGang..... Let's!!

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4. When she called on seven priests to bless her

Bonang arrived at her floral themed birthday party dressed in a ruffled pink ballgown, designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee, surrounded by ballerinas.

And seven priest laid their hands on the TV presenter during a prayer. Seven.

But that dress though, how does one even walk without falling over!

....thank you @gertjohancoetzee for all you do for me. I love you! ???? #LasNight #My30th

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5. When she said she doesn't cry because she issa boss

Sometimes with everything going on in our lives, we need a good sob. But not this queen.

In one of the trailers for Being Bonang, she says: "I don't cry, because I'm a boss bitch."

Well, okay then.

6. Blocking a user for saying all she got for Christmas was a tree, while other's got engaged

She also blocked someone for calling her a "toothpick" and another calling her by her middle name.

(Read the full story here)

7. "Everything in my house is custom-made"

But, who has the time?

"I got an interior designer to come in and make sure that everything fits perfectly," she said in an interview with Top Billing.

See how the other half lives, here: