7 times DJ Zinhle was the most inspiring person on planet earth

2016-08-01 15:06


DJ Zinhle (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Because it's #MotivationalMonday, here's 7 times DJ Zinhle blessed us with her inspirational words of wisdom. 

1. That time she was so "strong" that her "strength" literally trended on Twitter.  

2. There was the time that AKA and Bonang fiercely denied Zinhle's cheating allegations, and Zinhle broke down on Twitter.


3. When she shared these touching words of advice to baby Kairo. (Holding back tears!) 

In the interview with Jacaranda FM she said that she wants Kairo to one day understand, "You are equipped to deal with whatever it is at the time. You have it in you. She is enough for herself." 

Literally. Cannot. 

4. When she spoke about revenge on Cliff Central and said:

"If you are actively involved in taking revenge on someone it means you're living your life for that person, because everything you do is inspired by them. I just feel like you're a puppet for that person, because you're just controlled by what they respond to."


5. And then she got a tattoo.

"And when I got this tattoo it was so therapeutic, cause it was just like pain, but it just made sense. You know when you can make sense of pain? Because I couldn't make sense of a lot of pain at the time, but when I had the tattoo... you know why you're hurting."

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6. Inspring AF.

7. When she taught us never to take ourselves too seriously!

I'm on the floor! ????????????????????

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Keep doing you, boo!