7de Laan actress speaks openly about living with bipolar

2016-11-07 10:59


 Melanie du Bois
Melanie du Bois. (Danie Odendaal Productions)

Cape Town - Former 7de Laan actress Melanie Du Bois - who played Felicity in the Afrikaans soapie - has opened up about her struggles with bipolar disorder. 

"I have bipolar disorder. There's no shame. I have survived and came out stronger," the actress wrote on Instagram.

Speaking to Huisgenoot, Melanie said, "I became bipolar after the death of my sister and my divorce. It is still difficult to live with, but it's getting better."

According to Melanie, some days are better than others. Even though she might feel very happy today, she never knows what tomorrow might bring.

"You have to break down the negative stigma surrounding the disease. People need to realise that it is a disease like cancer. I'm not crazy," she told the publication. 

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