9 pics of Buhle Mkhize bringing the heat in Greece

2016-10-10 13:12
Buhle Mkhize (Photo:
Buhle Mkhize (Photo:

Cape Town - Buhle Mkhize’s Instagram has always been the place to see gorgeous snaps and videos of the South African glam guru.

Now the fashionista has taken the social media visuals to an even sexier level in the European country of Greece.

The local stunner looks amazing (and wears very little) in these 9 pics of her Grecian holiday that she has posted on her Instagram.

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Breakfast with a view !!!??. A real view today??. ISabatha namhlanje so NO to ukugqilazwa ubhodisi??. Yebo,I eat breakfast ngiqosheme I'm a yogi??. So I finally have that Greek shake my head for yes and nod for no thing on lock down????. Ahhh,what else ?. I'm visiting what's supposed to be a very beautiful winery today. I don't drink so no wine tasting but I find the actual winery fields very soothing to walk around on. It may be because ugogo wami had these huge gardens esasizichelela as kids. Some wine fields sort of look like that, we'll see about this one. Oh before I forget,someone asked me what dunusa means. The best way I can explain it is by giving you homework non Zulu ladies. Find a Zulu gentleman,preferably someone super dignified like a priest or minister of some sorts????. Tell him you'd like to discuss something in private. Once you get there,smile very sweetly and say....."Ngicela ukukudunusela ".......??????.

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Forgot to post about my trip to the winery over the weekend. I absolutely loved it even though I couldn't see or stomp any grapes??. We first went to Santorini Winery where I loved the view and they have a gorgeous restaurant sitting right on top of the cliff with the sea below. Moved on to Venatsanos Winery where we got lots of wine lessons. The two most interesting wines to me were Asyptiko because you supposedly can't find it in any other country, the winery claims that they have less than 600 bottles within Greece itself. Second was Kamaritis Dessert Wine,this I found extra special because you can't find it anywhere in the world but at this winery. No store/Liquor store sells it even in Greece. In any case I bought it as a gift for someone who I think will enjoy it and be fascinated with all the history that comes with it. I believe six types of grapes go into it. They also have a museum there,I truly enjoyed looking at live like pictures of fields and men work. It really reminded me of emasimini eMbongolwane. And the outfit here ?. Just a scarf wrapped around??. This view is the reception/entrance to our hotel. It's breathtakingly gorgeous.

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