9 things that will make you smile today

2016-11-12 08:00


Smiling emoji's (Photo: Pexels)

Johannesburg – If you need something to put a smile on your face today, we got your back! 

We’ve sorted through some of our favourite fun, funny and just plain cute moments to bring you 9 things that will instantly turn your frown upside down. 

Hope you’re ready for all the weird stares you’re about to get when you start laughing out loud by yourself. You’re welcome.

1. We’re pretty sure this is what Monday would be like if it were alive… and a cat.

This cat is my spirit animal

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2. When Carlton heard the beat drop.


3. The best storyteller ever! Ever!


4. That moment when Zach King printed a kitten!

Wouldn't this be so cool!? ??????#worldanimalday

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5. Also, when he showed us the right way to use emoji’s.

Beware of emojis! #worldemojiday

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6. Pretty much all of us when we see pizza.

7. This bumblebee really knows how to shake his booty. If this doesn’t get you smiling, we don’t know what will.


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8. This dog is a better actor than any of us will ever be.

BANG! ???? ™@nuggetthewelshcorgi

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9. We love to hate this. Side note: we know all the words.