9 things we learnt about Boity during 702’s Night Talk

2016-08-01 11:49


Boity. (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - TV personality and actress, Boity Thulo spoke to Gugs Mhlungu and Wasanga Mehana on 702's Night Talk and here's what we learnt! 

1. Boity actually speaks Arikaans very, very well. 

2. She is very "right brained" and if she wasn't an actress she would have been a interior designer or painter.

3. Being famous was never her plan, she simply wanted to act.  

4. She's named after her great grandmother. 

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5. Her ultimate goal would be to one day have dinner with Merryl Streep after they just shot a great scene together. 

6. Creamy pesto pasta is her favourite food.

7. But, she doesn't cook! 

8. She hates her toes.

9. And she loves the smell of a clean weave. 

You can listen to the full interview here: