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5 Reasons Themba Ndaba keeps up glued to The Queen

2017-10-05 14:33
PIC: Supplied (Mzansi Magic)

When Themba Ndaba won the favourite actor award at the DStv Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards two months ago, it came as no surprise. In his ris role as Brutus Khoza on The Queen, he has viewers glued to the screens every weekday night.

Here’s why Themba Ndaba keeps us watching The Queen.

1)      His court testimony

Brutus hardly flinched while being cross-examined in court. Instead, he made everyone laugh by exposing Vuyiswa’s sperm-seeking secret. He also danced when asked if he was a traditional man.

2)      His choice of vocab

Brutus always says the funniest things. His unexpected words, mispronunciations and hilarious nicknames keep viewers listening attentively whenever he speaks. Remember the time he pronounced Coco Chanel as Qoqo Chanel? And we’ll never forget how he refers to his nephew, Kagiso, as Sgaqa-gaqa.

3)      Those gestures

Whenever Brutus explains something, he does so in the most dramatic way. Whether it’s dancing, enactment or using very dramatic idioms, Uncle Brutus’ storytelling is never dull.

4)      His cowardly nature

Although Brutus is bold when throwing insults, he’s definitely not the bravest Khoza. The episode in which Gracious Mabuza (Rami Chuene) chased after him with a gun saw Brutus running and screaming for his life. The insults he kept delivering, despite being terrified, had everyone in stitches.

5)      His refusal to speak English

Adamant Brutus is set on speaking isiZulu, even in the presence of white people. He stubbornly continues in isiZulu, with no care for who might be around. It’s especially funny when he tries to flirt with the family lawyer, Stein, who he calls Stina in isiZulu.