Actor Hlomla Dandala called hateful and xenophobic following tweet

2019-01-10 12:59
Hlomla Dandala (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Hlomla Dandala (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Actor Hlomla Dandala is getting major backlash for being xenophobic from the twitter community following a since-deleted tweet in which he called out South Africans as having lost to foreign nationals.

The tweet has since sparked an ongoing discussion that saw Hlomla being called hateful and xenophobic towards foreign nationals - Nigerians and Zimbabweans in particular.

“Driving through Yeoville and Hillbrow reminds one of how much we’ve lost to foreign African nationals. Call it xenophobia all you like but truth is truth,” he tweeted.

Hlomla D screenshot

Hlomla came out to say he has nothing against foreign nationals but pointed out that he had a problem with the crime that subsequently moved into the areas of Johannesburg that he claims are inhabited by foreign nationals, specifically Nigerians and Zimbabweans.

The growing conversation around the controversial tweet had celebs such as actress Pamela Nomvete voice out their opinion with regards to the tweet.

“So your sentiment is not a healthy one because it breeds this sense of negating our humanity. You attack foreigners at home your people are being attacked as foreigners elsewhere. Respect, tolerance and respect for all human dignity. Not misguided prejudice,” Pamela tweeted.

The Lockdown actress also referred to Hlomla’s tweet as a “dangerous way of thinking”

Although many kept criticizing Hlomla for being xenophobic, he explained in a long thread how his tweet was misunderstood.

Take a look at Hlomla’s thread below.