AKA reacted to this man kissing his ear – and it’s hilarious

2018-04-13 15:20
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Rapper AKA recently posted an Instagram story of him and his friend, owner of Rockets restaurant, Sean Barber promoting Rockets and after an unexpected kiss, the focus of the whole video completely shifted.

In the video which was later tweeted, AKA can be seen standing with Sean and expressing his feelings about the restaurant.

“Rockets forever, and ever and ever,” he can be heard saying into the camera.

Just then his friend, Sean kisses him on the ear to which the 30-year-old rapper immediately reacts to by saying “Hayi man…”

After the Twitter users began to report the video and laugh at the incident, the father-of-one decided to tweet about the incident.

“That's the owner of Rockets man!” he wrote.

“Shaun, he's my homie ???????? ... he got excited. He got a wife and kids man!! It's a North thing I guess, I love him and he loves me okay! ??”

However, even after the reaction, tweeps were more interested in AKA’s accent when he responded to the unexpected kiss.