AKA reveals which political party he will be voting for

2019-01-17 15:30
AKA. (Photo: Gallo Images)
AKA. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Local Rapper, AKA recently shared a thread on his Twitter page revealing which party he will be voting for in the upcoming election – and to be honest, it comes as no surprise. 

AKA, known for not being fearful to address political issues on his social page, revealed that he would  be voting for the ANC and “quite frankly he doesn’t know why.” 

Recently, a video was posted by the Democratic Alliance(DA) on Twitter which featured a billboard the party had put up in memory of the victims of Marikana, Life Esidimeni as well as for the children who have died in pit toilets.On the billboard the party accused the ANC of being the cause of these horrific events.

In response to the post by the DA, Rapper AKA  wrote,  

“What if we printed the names of all the people who died under Apartheid and put that on a billboard?”

During the 2014 elections AKA attended the ANC rallies and took photos with former president Jacob Zuma. 

The Fela and Versace rapper, in a since-deleted tweet, addressed fans who disapproved of his political party of choice. 

“If me shaking hands with the President of South Africa discourages you from buying my music, so be it.” And that supporting the ANC has nothing to do with money.

He closed off his political rant by encouraging the youth to do the right thing and register in order to vote.