Akon says US government rejected his Puerto Rico power plan

2018-02-27 16:59
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Rapper Akon claims he could have fixed Puerto Rico’s apagón or “super blackout” in just 30 days if the United States government didn’t reject his plan. The Smack That musician launched Akon Lighting Africa in 2014 – a project that has been the solution to 14 different African countries using solar power – so he kind of knows what he’s talking about!

The Puerto Rican “super blackout” is the longest and largest major power outage in modern American history. Without electricity, there’s no reliable source of clean water, schools can’t operate, healthcare is fraught, small businesses are faltering and daily life is both exhausting and dangerous. All residents can do is wait for the lights to come back on.

“It’s politics, propaganda and special interests. If that wasn’t the case, they would just allow us to go in and provide the solution. They don’t care about the people,” Akon said of the US government’s rejection.


Watch the video here:

Whatever the case may be, props to Akon for being the difference.