Azania speaks out on the weekend’s drama

2017-10-23 17:02
PIC: Instagram

The past weekend has been quite eventful: the goalless Soweto Derby, disappointed fans of the Migos’ tour that only had two opening acts and finally the Twitter drama involving radio personality Azania Mosaka and her daughter, Shamiso.

In a series of tweets during the Migos’ Culture Tour concert on Saturday night in Jozi, Shamiso shared very private info that sparked controversy on Twitter. The 19-year-old shared her experience with Migos with a series of tweets.

“Quavo just tapped me and asked me to go to his section. I just died. DIED,” she tweeted. “Quavo just fed us alcohol, even if it was stroh, I’d take it” she added.

Shamiso reportedly also tweeted about the size of the rappers’ manhoods. Black Twitter immediately responded to her tweets by calling her names and slut-shaming her. To add to the fire, a guy named Zane insinuated that Shamiso was “stocko (an escort)” by tweeting that Shamiso had been called a week prior to the concert and asked to attend and entertain the Migos along with her friends.

The hashtag #MigosStockoTour soon trended with more “slay queens” being accused of being “stocko” for the hip-hop group.

Shamiso’s mom, Azania, responded by defending her daughter against cyberbullies. “I’m disappointed by how she posted about the experience. I’ve always warned her about the dangers of social media,” she tweeted. “But I’m appalled by how she is being cyberbullied this morning. Today it’s her but every other day it’s some else. And it’s wrong” she concluded.