Catch up with Vusi Nova

2017-11-17 15:49
PIC: Instagram

Afro pop star Vusi Nova's career has been on an upward trajectory ever since he started singing. DRUM caught up with the star to chat about 2017, love and more. 

How has 2017 been for you?

It’s has been an amazing. This year and last year have been the biggest years for my career.

What stood out for you this year?

This is the year I realised I actually enjoy discovering talent. It started when I helped Nathi move to Johannesburg and pursue music. This year I discovered a group called 047 from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. I’m currently helping them with their music career and I’m enjoying it. That’s definitely stood out for me.

Tell us more about your song Ndimfumene, and your surprise appearances at people’s weddings.

Ndimfumene is track number 7 on my latest album, Naninina. I wrote the song to express how I felt about love at the time. It’s a typical wedding song that falls under the Afro-pop genre and will take you back to the Mafikizolo and Malaika eras, where Afro-pop music was big. I worked with the legendary Mozambican artist Mr Bow on the song. I make music for people so since Ndimfumene is a wedding song, I decided to surprise people by performing the song at their weddings to make their days even more special.

How do you choose which weddings to gatecrash?

I let people know whichever town I’m in over a weekend. I tweet the town and ask people about weddings that are happening then I show up at those weddings unexpectedly and perform Ndimfumene for free. Last week I attended four weddings and enjoyed them. Because I have so much fun doing this, I’ll keep appearing at weddings for the rest of the year.

What are your plans this festive season?

Nothing but work. I wish I had other plans but I have so many gigs. I’ll even be working on Christmas Day but I’m okay with it because I love what I do.  This festive season people will be dancing to Ndimfumene and my other song, Ubuhle, will be the December anthem.

Do you have a bae?

Unfortunately, not. I’ve recently broken up with my bae but I’m very ready to mingle. I’ve been giving out my CV, you know.

What do you look for in a partner?

The person must be beautiful. Secondly, they must be driven and have goals. I want to be with someone I can build something with. I don’t want someone who’ll wait for me to do certain things. We must build together.

How has life been since the hijacking ordeal?

I’ve moved on from that. I refuse to be stuck in the past. I’m over what happened and I have big plans for 2018.