Chymamusique buys new wheels and a house – in one week!

2017-12-14 16:12
PHOTO: Chynaman Instagram

Is keeping a low profile and staying off social media the secret to success? Well, it seems to be working for Chymamusique!

After buying a house and a car in one week the talented house DJ said he’d been working hard but that his recent album, After the Storm, had nothing to do with his latest buys.

“I’ve been saving and I’m working on many other projects. I don’t even know how many copies After the Storm sold and I invested a lot of money in that album, so it had nothing to do with my new house and a car,” he said.

The 27-year-old told DRUM that 2017 has been a great year for him personally. “My brothers are very happy for my latest achievements, they congratulated me and I’d say 2017 was my year of experiencing different things about life – a year of discovering God. I gave him most of my time.”  

Chymamusique added that he’s been investing money in different places.

The talented musician and DJ is a God-fearing man and he’ll be working on different projects next year, but his main priority will be to uplift young aspiring DJs so that they can achieve their dreams too.

“I’ll be helping many people in terms of discovering God in their lives. I’ll also try to help young artists and I’m building a park at home in Limpopo,” said Chymamusique.

He took to social media to thank God and show his fans that sometimes you need to keep a low profile in order to succeed.