Connecting with Ms Cosmo

2017-10-11 16:34
PIC: Ms Cosmo Instagram Page

Nonqaba Nozuko Rwaxa aka Ms Cosmo was the only female DJ in the line-up at the recent Ekurhuleni Spring Fiesta. Having just dropped the music video for her hit single Connect featuring award-winning musos like Kwesta, Nasty C and Rogue, it already has over 500 000 YouTube views. DRUM caught up with Ms Cosmo.

How do you feel about Connect getting over 500 000 views on YouTube? 

It feels amazing, especially since it's my first music video and also because the video came out so late after the song dropped. It just shows what the demand was for the song and it keeps growing daily. I'm trying to get it to 1 million views, but here's hoping!

How did it feel to be the only female DJ the Spring Fiesta?

It feels great. It isn't the first time this has happened but it also speaks to the demand of the fans. Last year they had other ladies in the line-up as well, but I stayed on for this year. I think they need to keep bringing the girls back because we have a lot to offer – just as much as the guys – and I hope each year our worth will be explored.

Why a hip-hop DJ?

I love hip hop. It speaks to my being. The music is my mouthpiece and expresses what I sometimes can't say. The beats usually grab my interest before the lyrics and make me wanna dance. Finding the perfect verse over a tight beat is music personified.

What’s the creative process of making music?

So much goes into making a song that people take for granted when they pirate it. From putting the concept together with the beat-maker, to getting the right artists to translate and convey your message on the beat. To getting the melodies and the mix right. To mastering and finalising a song. Each process takes time and money. But it's worth it when a masterpiece is created.

 How long have you been in the industry?

I started DJing in 2010.