DJ Fresh in Uber drama

2017-10-02 15:24
Pic: DJ Fresh Instagram by Trevor Zondi

DJ Fresh took to twitter to confront Uber following an incident of an alleged theft by an Uber driver. The “Fresh Breakfast” host claims that an Uber driver cancelled his ride and disappeared with a package that was supposed to be delivered to the DJ.

“@Uber_RSA one of your “partners” has canceled trip & gone awol with package they were delivering. Do I open case of theft? send my guys?” a frustrated DJ Fresh tweeted.

The package the DJ is talking about refers to an outfit he was supposed to wear to an event. After seeking for advice and reaching out to Uber, the DJ later went to post that Uber had not helped him 12 hours later.

This would not be the first time that the Uber service and their drivers have let its customers down. In August, police were searching for an Uber driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a 26-year old passenger in Cape Town. Earlier this year, a woman named Zuki Lamani from Cape Town sent a string of tweets that detailed how her and a friend were assaulted by an Uber driver after an altercation.

With many more similar incidents being reported each day, one wonders how safe the Uber service is nowadays. Could it be time to delete our Uber apps or should one take extra precautions when dealing with the app?