Dr Musa Mthombeni back on television

2017-10-31 09:38
PIC: Supplied (SABC 3)

From a presenter to a medical practitioner and now back to television, Musa Mthombeni is undoubtedly a hard-working young man who knows how to multitask. He believes a day is meant to be spent doing what you love. TV has always been his first love, but he also loves assisting people in need of constant care. DRUM chats to him.


How do you balance things as a doctor and TV personality?

In the past I’ve done school, television and radio at the same time. I think the time factor is about planning your time schedule, so I go to work and finish at 4pm and go to the gym, then I go on TV.

How did you get the gig at Trending SA?

Initially at the beginning of the year, Pabi Moloi was pregnant. They got lots of guest hosts. So I decided to do that a few times. When Shaka [Sisulu] left I got a call from the show’s producer to say I’m shortlisted for the post.

Doctor or presenter?

Yoh! It becomes a big fight because I still can’t answer that question. TV has forever been my first love – I started doing television when I was 10 years old. Even when I’m at home I watch TV. But I really love being doctor and I’m glad I’m now doing both.

What are you bringing to Trending SA?

I’m social media-savvy and I love the Trending SA concept – it allows us to share our opinions about what’s happening live on TV. I’m bringing fun too. What I bring is also based on what I represent.

How would you describe working with your Trending SA co-hosts?

The first time I met those ladies was very thoughtful and it was great chatting to one another. They’re very welcoming and very professional as well as beautiful, so the very same way I felt on the first day is how I still feel now.

What does being a doctor mean to you?

I’m able to assist those who need help, and assist those who require constant care.

For how long will you be on screen?

I’m so not sure about those technicalities because shows are based on seasons. Fans should be expecting to see more in the near future, though.

So far, how many patients have you helped?

I’m not able to give you an exact number.

Do you specialise in a specific medical field or are you a general doctor?

I’m currently working at a community clinic so I will choose my field when I’m done. I’m not sold on any position yet.

Future plans?

In terms of medical side, I’m still toying around the idea of specialising or being a general practitioner. For television, I would like to be on for long as I can.