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Enhle Mbali addresses President Cyril Ramaphosa in live video after hijacking

2018-07-20 16:03
Enhle Mbali hijacking
Enhle Mbali (PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images)

Days after her hijacking, Enhle Mbali has spoken out in an Instagram live video on Friday afternoon.

In the short video the 30-year-old actress looked emotional and pleaded with President Cyril Ramaphosa to help ordinary civilians combat crime in the country.

The mother-of-two who had her newly gifted Porsche hijacked in Johannesburg at Hyde Park, spoke about how the staggering crime rate in South Africa was affecting civilian.

Speaking about the three armed men who hijacked her, Enhle said that she was angry for what they had done to her and much more than that, she also felt sorry for them for using crime as a means to make ends meet.

Further adding that it was not a nice feeling to have something you’d worked hard for taken away from you, but that this was a regular occurrence that many people in South Africa were faced with.

“Crime in our country is just ridiculous, I heard from stats from a BBC documentary that we have the highest rape stats in the world. Our crime stats aren’t quite the highest yet but I think we’re going to get there if nothing is done,” she said.

Enhle went on to plead with the president to make constitutional changes to ensure the safety of all South Africans and the creation of employment industries which wouldn’t force people to resort to crime.

“Tata Cyril I don’t want to hear about the DA… I don’t want to hear about disagreements within the ANC… help us make South Africa a better place,” she said.

“And it’s not about taking people and putting them into prison, it’s about creating industries in South Africa, there are too many desperate people.”

Responding some of the comments from her fans during the live video she said, “Yes definitely I am okay, it was traumatizing but definitely I’m ok,” said Enhle.

“I don’t want to share too much because the case is being handled by the cops, if I do share too much that would give the perpetrators the upper hand” explained Enhle when asked what happened.

Speaking to The Juice, Founder and CEO of the company, Sarit Tomlinson said: "Enhle has been through an unfortunate and traumatic experience. We are grateful that she was physically unharmed. She has her family and friends around her and is surrounded by love. Enhle is doing okay."

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