Getting to know DJ Zinhle better

2017-11-21 14:14
PIC: DJ Zinhle Instagram Page

The queen of the decks is known for many things: style, club anthems and philanthropy. For all her work in the industry, DJ Zinhle is also a doting mama who lives for her daughter, Kairo. We caught up with Zinhle to chat about music, her first kiss, and, well, two-year-old Kairo.

She’s relatively musical

Well, I work the decks! That counts right? I don’t play traditional instruments but I’m obviously mean on the decks, you know one’s and two’s.

She had her first kiss in high school

My first kiss was horrible. I was still in high school. I was visiting my cousins and they were trying to match-make me with a guy from school. The fact I didn’t like the guy just made it worse.

She’s not pedantic about her beauty routine

Beauty & Curves is the company I’m associated with. They take care of my skin. I also go for peel appointments every second month. I go because I have to. They peels are quite painful.

She doesn’t believe in flirting

I don’t think you should lead people on.

I can’t go a day without . . .

My child, Kairo.  She likes sharing stories with me and demands that I read for her the Three Little Pigs and a Wolf – it goes over big with her. She’s a real sucker for the story.

Kenny G or Kirk Whalum?

Kenny G. I grew up on Kenny G. He’s probably about the only sax player I know. Bra Hugh is also a talented trumpeter – undeniably a fantastic cat.

iOS or Android?

Definitely iPhone! I’ve been using an iPhone for a long time. The technology is amazing. I’m also used to the keypad.

Red or white wine?

I don’t drink wine. But when push comes to a shove I’d opt for white wine. Red wine just seems too intense, I think. Anyway, I drink Oros.

Everything in moderation but . . .


My childhood celebrity crush was . . .

Michael Jackson. I also had a crush on Speedy from Bongo Maffin – don’t know why. It was probably the American swag.