Grooming? For what? 4 male celebs who look completely different during lockdown

2020-04-14 14:10
Kevin Hart (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)
Kevin Hart (PHOTO:Getty/Gallo)

Social distancing and having to stay home have affected us all in different ways.

While some of us are choosing to live in our pyjamas or sweatpants, some male celebrities have forsaken grooming or trimming their beards.

From Diddy to Kevin Hart and even Will Smith, Twitter users were shocked to see their fave stars looking almost unrecognisable with their unkempt hair and grey facial hair.

In the pictures, DJ Khaled, with his two sons Asahd and Aalam, can be seen with his beard outgrown and unkempt. He usually rocks a neatly trimmed facial hair.

Diddy’s picture is a screenshot from a livestream he did with Will. Both stars have grown out their grey-haired beards.

Kevin, also snapped from a screenshot, had seemingly let his hair grow out.

See the reactions to the snaps below.