I kept running- Berita on Machete incident

2017-10-13 16:29
PIC: Supplied (Sheila Afari PR)

Almost two weeks ago songstress Berita's performance was disrupted when a man with a machete stormed the stage, cut sound cables and then proceeded to run towards the star.

Berita and her team escaped the incident, which took place when she was performing at Kwanokuthula Stadium in Plettenberg Bay, unharmed.

DRUM had a quick chat with Berita about the incident.

How are you doing Berita?

I am well, still a bit shook from the recent incident in Plett but I am okay.

When people heard about that incident they were shocked. What actually happened there? 

Well I was on stage on my second song and then I saw this man come on stage. At first I thought it was a sound engineer and I continued to sing. After that I saw the machete he had...

What went through your mind when you saw the machete?

I was shocked, but I hadn't registered what was going on so I kept singing. That's when my road manager shouted 'Berita, get off the stage'. I ran off stage and he started following us.

He was running towards you with the machete?

I think so I was just running so I didn't look at him. We went to our cars but they were locked. We then saw an ambulance that was there and we just got into it and it drove away.

Where did the ambulance take you?

He was just driving and we had to ask him to stop after a while. I think he was also panicking. After all the drama had died down I still wanted to go back on stage. 


Yes, I guess I was being naive but my team took me to the hotel and the next morning the promoter came and apologized profusely. 

Did he say who the man was and what the drama was all about?

He is someone who is apparently known for causing drama in that community. The person was not after me but he wanted to disrupt the event. I was sad I disappointed my fans.

I’m sure they understood.

So let's talk your new album Berita, its your third album...

Yes it is and it's my most personal album ever. 

Why is that?

It's the first album where I sing about things I experienced personally. With the first two albums I was young and some of what I sang and wrote about was only talking from what other people had told me about.

The album talks a lot about love, how is Berita's love life going?

Well I am single because I think people believe and have a perception that you can't wife a musician. So I am focused on my music and career, that's the relationship I am in.

Well like your song Surprises says 'life is full of surprises' so before you know it the bae might find you by 'surprise'.

Well let's see how that goes.

Thank you for the chat Berita!