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Ishmael Morabe on his big come back, “No more drugs, just music”

2018-07-13 13:36
Ishmael Morabe
Ishmael Morabe (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty)

He has been in the industry for over 30 years and no matter how many times singer Ishmael Morabe has fallen, he still manages to get up, dust himself off and release another hit song. The singer returned to Muthaland (former Ghetto Ruff) and has “cleaned up his act.” Record company owner Lance Stehr says, he believes in the return on Ishmael, “When all is said and done, we believe in Is. He is very talented and people should not let his past get in the way of noticing talent.”

The father to 24-year-old singer Thato Morabe says life has not been easy but he is grateful for the people who believe in his talent, “I keep coming back because of the people I work with. They inspire me to get up, every time I fall.”

In his latest single Gimme Gimme featuring Makizar and Fiesta Black, Ishmael says he just wanted people to have fun. “People are going through a lot; there are deaths, suicides and the petrol price keeps going up. I just wanted people to have fun and forget about their problems. We need more fun songs to cheer people up.”

He laughs at the title of being, “the comeback kid of all time,” because he is 47 years old but says he still feels young at hearts and because he feels that in his 30 years of being in the entertainment industry has been nothing but a blessing and a lesson for others. “Anything could have happened to me, I could have died prematurely or overdosed on drugs, but God clearly had a purpose for my life.” Ishmael is very open about his previous drug addiction. “I have been off drugs for a very long time. I stopped counting when I reached five-year mark because I feel that I’ve won the drug struggle.” Ishmael feels if he carries on counting, it still means that the drugs control his life. “I’ve made mistakes in life and drugs were one of them and I talk about it today because I want people to learn from me and for me to be an example. Right now I just want to be a good dad and no more drugs, just music for me.”

Listen to Ishmaels’s latest single Gimme Gimme

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