It was a surprise for me- Idols SA star Mthokozisi Ndaba

2017-10-10 16:58
PIC: Supplied (Idols)

He always dreamt of becoming traffic cop, but recently put this dream on hold to pursue a career in music.But it looks like Idols SA hopeful Mthokozisi Ndaba is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Last Sunday, he pulled off a showstopper performance getting him a “whooo shem” from one of the judges, Somizi Mhlongo. He performed AKA’s hit song, Caiphus Song and ended it with a special feature by Thembisa Mdoda.

The KwaMashu-born singer says he was as shocked when she saw Thembisa walk in. “It was also a surprise for me. I was overwhelmed but I had to contain myself and continue with the performance,” the 25 year-old singer says.

Mthokozisi who was shot in both legs in a robbery just after getting his golden ticket in Durban tells us that if it weren’t for his injuries he would have showcased his dance moves. “Even though I have healed, I still feel a bit of pain when I move. If it weren’t for those pains, I tell you, I was going to show everyone what I am made of,” he quips.

The young hopeful tells us that although he still has flashbacks after the incident, he doesn’t want that to hold him back. “I don’t want to be alone because I don’t know who shot me. I am not myself and I live in fear, especially when I’m home. Everything comes back.”

However, Mthokozisi will not let this stumbling block keep him from reaching his goals. As a little boy he lost both his parents, and his grandfather took him in. However, in 2009 when he was in Grade 12, his grandmother also passed away.

“I was left with my sister; she had to drop out of school to find employment. I failed my matric. I took a two-year gap and I went back to Grade 11,” he recalls. He passed his matric in 2013, the same year he lost his son.

Mthokozisi recalls days where they lived on hand-outs.

“Everyone felt sorry for us – we were poor. We didn’t know what funeral- or life cover was. When a family member dies, they will contribute for their burial. So when I was left with just my sister, life was really difficult.”

He says his life was also saved by women of prayer who would visit him encouraging him to go to church.

But there is a glimmer of hope for Mthokozisi. He is in the top 7, something he didn’t envisage. He says he was only aiming for the top 10, but now that he’s made it this far, he wants to go all the way.

“I didn’t see myself getting this far, but I am very grateful,” he says.  


-He will invest R200k

-Another R200K would go towards his family’s home renovation, funeral cover and life policies.

- R300K will be donated to Emseni Community Project, which he says fed him for five years when he didn’t have food.

-R300k he will spend on taking care of his family, and his sister’s daughter, Sinqobile.