Kairo’s glammy wishing DJ Zinhle well is the cutest thing you’ll see today

2018-06-19 16:08
Lynn Forbes, DJ Zinhle and Kairo. (Photo: Lynn For
Lynn Forbes, DJ Zinhle and Kairo. (Photo: Lynn Forbes Instagram)

DJ Zinhle is having a very good week, and it’s only Tuesday! From promoting her book, playing her hits to her fans, opening a pop-up shop in Pretoria for her watch brand, announcing another pop-store coming up with Privé Revaux soon to being super mommy to her and AKA’s beautiful daughter, Kairo Forbes, she’s certainly conquering it all.

And maybe Kairo’s glammy, Lynn Forbes, had a little something to do with it by speaking things into existence.

In a recent tweet AKA’s mama wrote a sweet congratulatory message to Zinhle for the book Zinhle wrote with Nokubonga Mbanga, and Glammy wished her grandchild’s mother well for the week.

DJ Zinhle responded, “Thanks Glammy.”