Kyle Deutsch on working with Kelly Khumalo

2017-10-23 16:02
Picture: prettipiktures/KyleDeutsch/Instagram

Mzansi’s comeback kid, Kelly Khumalo, teams up with Kyle Deutsch and producer Sketchy Bongo in making what fans say will be a December hit

The KwaZulu-Natal trio has been touring the country too. Kyle says working with Kelly hasn’t only been a dream come true but her level of professionalism is inspiring. “Kelly and I have a very light-hearted friendship. She’s easy to work with, we’re very honest with each other and she’s a very fun person,” Kyle says.

They two first met earlier this year at the South African Music Awards nomination party. “I sat next to her at the event and we spoke about one day making a song together. When she came to Durban for the Durban July we decided to go into the studio,” he says.

After listening to Lonely Fools, a Sketchy Bongo-produced beat, Kelly and Kyle co-wrote the lyrics. “It happened so easily, everything flowed as though it was meant to be,” Kyle says.

Whether Lonely Fools will be as big as Kyle and Shekinah’s 2015 hit Back to the Beach, the Durban singer says he can’t predict anything. “You hope that all your songs become hits. We didn’t really think Back to the Beach was going to be a hit but it was and we hope the same for Lonely Fools,” Kyle says.

Lonely Fool is available on iTunes for download.