2017-10-27 13:37
PHOTO: Somizi's Instagram

It’s no secret Somizi Mhlongo isn’t the most articulate when it comes to the English language. He even gets mocked for his poor English, but the Idols SA judge isn't fazed. Instead of letting his critics get the best of him, the confident Somgaga made up his own language and fans are loving it.

As if coming up with his own language isn’t enough, his name even made it into Wednesday’s matric final English exam. Thousands of Grade 12 learners stumbled upon a pleasant surprise when they were writing their English finals and the star – and students – couldn’t resist sharing the news on social media.

To help you keep up with Somizi’s lingo, we’ve compiled his top four favourite words and expressions:

1. Wooooo shem: This is more of an expression and can be used to express one’s excitement over something. Som Som usually uses this when a contestant on Idols impresses him.

2.  Dishwasher personality: This is Somizi’s way of saying that someone is boring. He used this term on Idols when he said to a contestant: “Karabo you depress me. You have a beautiful voice and dishwasher water personality.  Have you seen water after washing the dishes? There's no personality you don't know whether you used Sunlight or you used Omo."

3. Litigated: The word is derived from the popular social media term ‘Lit’, which is often used to describe something that is hip and happening.

4. Acrobatly ostentatiously berivical: Although we are not sure about the exact meaning of this word, we are pretty sure it refers to a good event. The reality star had so much passion when saying it to an idols contestant after a good performance.