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Lootlove on hiding her pregnancy: ‘It was so difficult’

2018-11-21 10:19
Lootlove. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Lootlove. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

If you’ve ever had to keep a big secret, you’ll know how difficult it is. You feel so paranoid and constantly scared that people are watching and know the truth. Now imagine hiding a whole baby bump, shew!

Lootlove – real name Luthando Shosha – recently shared her experience with her Instagram followers. She was going through her account and relived all the nerve-wrecking but funny moments where she knew she was carrying her twins but couldn’t tell anyone just yet.

She wrote: 

“I was burning on hot days, steady holding juice in my hand (in situations where they served champagne I’d take the glass just so it’s not dodge and people don’t ask questions and then after a min Siya would take it from me and sip it for me...) everything was oversized or high waist. I remember at this event where I’m wearing pink, I tugged it out and ate snacks. That didn’t last long, I had to sneak out and throw up as silently as I could and carry on with the event like nothing happened...”

And remember the SAMAs? Yeah, she knew about the twins then too, and she says presenting that award with Boity was a nightmare!

“The SAMA’s were toughest cause my dress had a high slit & I was presenting an award with Boity so I was so paranoid because I felt bloated and well, I just felt terrible all the time, lethargic. I literally wanted to throw up as we were about to walk out on stage to present the award.”

At the Durban July, Lootlove had to be a bit more strategic with her outfit because her baby bump was showing:

“The Durban July was a nightmare also! I went for a babydoll design dress cause I was showing a bit or at least I thought, so we had to go for something that didn’t hug my body! Man I went through it. It’s torture. You hate everything. And you’re always “sick”. You go from being TEAM TEQUILA to “Nah, can’t drink. I’m on antibiotics...”

She even shot a cover shoot with True Love magazine without anyone noticing!

“Shot a cover and no-one knew... shuuuuuuu! I was also the most paranoid person. I thought everyone could see. There were also a few tweets so I was convinced I’d be outed by someone before time... What a wild ride. Even posted less on the socials. Disappeared from the party/event scene. So many stories I could share about the beginning...”

But all-in-all, Lootlove is happy she can finally enjoy her pregnancy without worrying about being outed by anyone, she says her rapper boyfriend, Reason, even gave her a funny nickname:

“IT WAS A LOT... but I’m really glad I’m here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my family. Also, at some point cause of my mgowo... Babe nicknamed me “Jack Jack” from incredibles 2.Cheers to freedom"

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