Mdoda sisters vs Uyanda M

2018-10-31 15:54
Uyanda Mbuli & Anele Mdoda (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)
Uyanda Mbuli & Anele Mdoda (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo)

Johannesburg - Media personality Uyanda Mbuli recently found herself in the middle of a heated tweet exchange with Thembisa and Anele Mdoda after tweeting about her appointment to a board meant to educate people about mental illness years before it was “fashionable”.

“Long before it was fashionable to talk about *MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES* Brian Hlongwa appointed myself and other young people (I was 23) on the Tara Hospital Board to educate our pears [sic] about MENTAL HEALTH,” she tweeted.

Uyanda’s post came after Hlongwa’s abrupt resignation as ANC chief whip in Gauteng legislature following accusations of alleged corruption as well as fraud. But it seems the Mdoda sisters weren’t impressed by her tweet, with former OPW presenter Thembisa calling it “unnecessary”.

But Uyanda was quick with a clapback. “It’s interesting that you never comment on anything I post yet you know what necessary Nawe Qhubeka (carry on) Doll . . . You have my full permission.”

But it was the heated exchange between Anele and Uyanda that tweeps weren’t ready for. Anele called Uyanda’s tweet “dangerous”, saying if she meant well in her “quest for mental health, you should want it to be fashionable so we talk about it as much as Gucci mood bags”.

And before long Uyanda was dragging Anele about her TV career, alluding to the “real reason” she left Real Talk on SABC3.

Confused? Well, so are we. What was meant to be a tweet about mental awareness and a former ANC chief whip seems to have escalated into so much more.