Nandi Madida reveals what she does to ensure her son’s safety

2019-04-05 14:51
Nandi Madida. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Nandi Madida. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Videos of a woman assaulting children at a crèche recently went viral, sparking outrage and calls for the woman to be held to account. Others were giving advice on how to ensure children’s safety, among them Nandi Madida.

In reaction to the horrific video, the TV personality – who is expecting her second child  – took to Twitter to share the measures she takes to ensure the safety of her and Zakes Bantwini’s 2-year-old son, Shaka.

“These crèche videos are heartbreaking, I’m sure other mothers agree with me that you only hope your kids are fine with the Nannies you have at home or caregivers at Crèche. I struggle to trust anyone because of such cases,” she began, before revealing how she has CCTV cameras installed in her home.

“Fortunately I have a very flexible schedule work wise, but I trust nothing and no one.”