Nyan’ Nyan presenter Luyanda Potwana’s lost 13kg in three months – he looks incredible!

2018-05-14 16:11
Luyanda Potwana's side-by-side transformation. (Ph
Luyanda Potwana's side-by-side transformation. (Photo: Luyanda Potwana Twitter) ~ Luyanda Potwana Twitter

Nyan’ Nyan presenter, Luyanda Potwana is always giving out some crucial advice on the TV show and unlike most people, he seems to know how to take some advice of his own.

Taking to Twitter, the East London-born presenter shared a side-by-side image of his body transformation.

In the caption, he reveals that he lost a whopping 13 kilograms in a period of three months.

“The Luyanda you knew 15 weeks ago •VS• the Luyanda you don’t know 15 weeks later. 3 months of DECISION > DEDICATION > HARD WORK > PERSEVERANCE = 13 kgs lost!” he proudly wrote.

Replying to a fan who wanted know how he did it, the 37-year-old explained how eating clean and working out played a role in his weight loss.

“Clean eating and gym”, he replied.

“Stay away from bread, rice, potatoes, STARCH (pap, white flour etc.). Fried meat and fatty foods and sugar, sugary drinks, sodas, alcohol and acid beverages. Eat cooked veggies and grains – plus a lot of water Eat your supper before 6pm and drink lots of water,” he explained.

And we must admit, all that hard work has certainly paid off for him. 

Take a look at how amazing Luyanda looks below:

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