Pearl Thusi talks losing Zuma

2018-02-16 10:25
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Pearl took to her Instagram Stories to share her somewhat emotional feelings about ex-president Zuma on Thursday.

“You know like when you break up with a guy who was like not good to you and you leave him and then he’s gone? Then you start thinking, but I’ll miss this,” Pearl said, making fans comb their minds to think who she could be missing.

“He used to make me laugh, he was so entertaining,” she continued. “Post traumatic stress from a bad relationship? I think that’s what South Africa’s going through [right now].”

The 29-year old, who features in Kagiso Lediga’s upcoming movie Catching Feelings, then began to reminisce on the ghost of our president past – Jacob Zuma.

“Who is going to laugh at us while disrespecting us?” she laughed. “Who is going to entertain us? Like make a difference low-key but like low-key also build a house. You know like, what’s going to happen to Parliament TV? This man was extremely entertaining guys!”

Pearl has a point, almost everything Zuma did could make us laugh!