SEE: Five times The Queen's Gracious Mabuza gave us life

2017-10-17 16:32

Rami Chuene’s killing it as Gracious Mabuza on The Queen. Her over-the-top personality and dramatic nature have viewers hooked.

Here are five T-Gom The Gracious One Mabuza moments we’ll never forget:

1 When she gave her son a hiding

Grace found out her son Gift stole the drug money. She headed straight to the party where Gift was and gave him one hell of a beating. We’ll not forget that shortcut she took while chasing after him.


2 The Epic Chase

Who’ll ever forget the time Gracious chased Brutus while holding a gun? T-Gom jumped out of the car and ran after Brutus in her heels. Legend.

 3 Her prayers are so extra

Although Gracious is a hard-core drug queen, she never forgets to pray even though her prayers usually go something like: “Thank you God for the food, I know some people don’t even know the smell of strawberries and Mimosas . . . ”. On top of that Gracious will read her bible while carrying a gun.

 4 When she introduced herself to Harriet

Gracious isn’t one to shy away from enemies. She walked right up to Harriet and told her who’s the new queen in town.

5 Exposing her employees

Gracious accused her employees of stealing her money and wasn’t going to let them get away with it. She exposed all their dirty little secrets and relished in it.