Skolopad’s mom buys her new wheels

2017-12-12 13:58
PHOTO: Skolopad Instagram

Skolopad’s mom has decided to buy her daughter new wheels after seeing her juggle being Skolopad and a full-time nurse.

The racy socialite said her mom saw her struggling and decided to surprise her, because she loves her entertainment life so she’s been using her car to attend events.

“My mom saw I was struggling all along and I’ve been using my car to attend events so Skolopad didn’t help me with anything. I’m not willing to leave Skolopad because that’s what makes me happy,” Skolopad said.

The 33-year-old told DRUM that her mom doesn’t have a problem with Skolopad but she’s doesn’t want her new car to be used for Skolopad’s actions, even though she’s Skolopad’s mom has been very helpful and she only recognises the skimpy-dressed entertained by her birthname.

“My mom is very supportive but she doesn’t want me to use this new car for Skolopad’s activities, she doesn’t have a problem with me being Skolopad and she only knows me as Nonhlanhla, Skolopad is just my other name,” Skolopad added.

Nonhlanhla is very disappointed that Skolopad doesn’t get invited to events, so she has to use her own money for travel purposes that’s why she feels Skolopad isn’t helping her with anything. She thought Skolopad would be fully booked for the festive season but unfortunately that’s not the case. The shock dresser says she usually hikes to the car is a bonus, but next year if she doesn’t get any invites she’ll just sit at home.

“I don’t know why I don’t get invited to events, I thought people know me so they’ll invite me but they don’t and I’ve spent a lot of money going to events but I’ll hike. Since April I’ve been hiking but next year I’m not willing to do that, if I’m not invited I’m not going anywhere,” she said.

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