Sonia Mbele on how she’s coping during Covid-19 lockdown

2020-05-11 13:12
Sonia Mbele
Sonia Mbele (PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images)

With everyone at home due to the current lockdown, more people are spending most of their time on social media, this has not been the case for actress Sonia Mbele.

The actress has not been very active on social media since the country went into lockdown. And she recently opened up on her Instagram page after her inbox was flooded with fans asking about her whereabouts.

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“I’ve been getting a lot of DMs from most of you complaining that I’ve been under the radar. So, here’s a thing; with a household and three mouths to (feed), maintaining it hasn’t been easy,” she wrote.

She also explained that she has been working while away from social media and that made her realise that escapism has been her coping mechanism.

“I know we’ve all been affected so my stresses are no exception. However, we all have different coping mechanisms and mine has been to escape, sorry to have escaped you guys as well but it was the only way”.

See her post here:

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Sonia, who has also earned her stripes as a writer and producer these past years, said that she has been using the lockdown period to write. She said she's been immersing herself in creating a make-belief world where one can forget all worries

“So when I’m going through ish my way of surviving is to write ... create a world where I can visit and forget all the worries. That’s what I did and it’s been a blessing.”

She also added saying she has been writing scripts that she believes will be the “greatest” television series ever created.

“So as much as I’m sad that I’ve been mizing you, I’m also grateful for the escapism. One day I’ll be able to say, 'hey, remember that quarantine time? This is what it produced'!”.