The Imposter – a bit too much?

2017-11-06 14:55
PHOTO: Thishiwe Ziqubu

Connie and Shona Ferguson are behind some of the biggest hits on SA TV, like Rockville, Igazi to The Queen.

But it looks like fans aren’t too taken by their latest offering, Mzansi Magic’s The Imposter.

The show stars Thishiwe Ziqubu in the dual roles of twins Matshepo and Mantwa.

Matshepo lives a charmed life while Mantwa has just escaped from a lengthy stint in jail.

The convict decides to hold her sister hostage while infiltrating her twin’s life – queue lots and lots of drama.

Of her characters, Thishiwe recently wrote on Twitter, “In two minds, I want Matshepo to get rescued but don't want Mantwa to be caught #TheImposterYesterday.”

The show is currently trending, but for all the wrong reasons.

Even though it has its loyal followers its detractors are many – and they’re rather vocal about the show’s ridiculousness. Here are some of their tweets.

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