Thishiwe Ziqubu gets candid about The Imposter

2017-10-12 17:04
PIC: Supplied (Mzansi Magic)

The first episode of Ferguson Films’ The Imposter was nothing but lit. The storyline follows Mantwa who escapes from jail and kidnaps her twin, Matshepo, so she can steal her life. The main character in the drama series is Thishiwe Ziqubu, who plays both Mantwa and Matshepo. DRUM caught up with the actress to talk about the role.

Tell us more about Mantwa and Matshepo.

The one twin has spent 17 years in prison while the other has been living it up. She’s married to a wealthy man and has a family. Mantwa breaks out of prison takes over Matshepo’s life, her keeps her locked up in a cage and fools the family and Matshepo’s husband.

Are you getting paid double for playing both roles?

No comment!

How does this role differ from previous roles you’ve played?

The characters are two different people so there’s a lot of work going into crossing over between them. Matshepo is, on the surface, a bit shallow and materialistic. Mantwa is a character I’ve never played this well – that one’s crazy, she’s a psychopath, I’ve never played a psychopath.

How do you go about preparing for the role?

I have drawn from personal experience. I did research and try to go into the heart of the characters.

How is it working with Connie and Shona Ferguson?

Oh they’re great! I like the space they’ve given us to create this masterpiece.

And working with Mary Twala?

She’s amazing, a genius – oh I love her. It was a touching moment when she came to me and said, “Uyinja (you’re the top dog)” – it shows she was very impressed with my work. So to get a compliment like that from Mary Twala is priceless.

What more can we expect from The Imposter?

A lot of twists and turns, drama, entertainment and an unexpected story about the twins.

What’s your secret talent?

Acting itself is a talent. What people wouldn’t know is where I am able to go to get into character, and those are things you discover as you play different scenes and get into challenges.

What’s next for you?

I’m going to rest. It’s been the most exhausting job this year. So I just need a lot of rest, but I want to have a discussion with some theatre producers about doing a play.

If you weren’t an actress, you’d . . .?

Write and direct so I would always be working in storytelling. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be acting though because I love acting – it’s my heart.