Tips on practising safe sex this festive season

2017-10-27 16:59
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The festive season is just around the corner, and this is when people are more likely to engage in dangerous situations – all in the name of fun. One such situation is where people engage in reckless one-night stands. There are lots of risks associated with one-night stands such as unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/Aids.

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig, a Pretoria-based sexologist, gives tips on how to practise safe sex this holiday season.

1 Always have safe sex. Use the male or female condom even if you think you know your partner.? Remember, you can also contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) with unprotected oral sex. Use a condom when giving a man oral sex and a dental dam when giving a woman oral sex.

2 Make sure you’re physically safe. Never take a stranger to your home and always let a friend know exactly where you are.

3 Women need to remember their bodies release higher volumes of oxytocin with an orgasm than a man's does. Oxytocin is the bonding hormone which can give you the impression you’re in love. It’s also harder for women to have causal hook-ups just for fun.

4 Be careful not to drink too much. Your inhibitions will be lower and you might engage in high-risk behaviour you might regret the next day.

5 If you do decide to hook up with someone, be yourself, respect your partner and discuss boundaries, expectations and rules. Then enjoy!

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