Tristan Thompson reportedly gives Khloé Kardashian ultimatum

2018-02-02 16:36
PHOTO: Khloe Kardashian Instagram

According to BET, Khloé Kardashian was left with a tough decision over the much-anticipated birth of her child. Her baby daddy has given her an ultimatum: if the Kardashian clan is in the delivery room while she gives birth, he won’t be.

The 26-year-old basketball star was reportedly shocked after witnessing the chaos in the delivery room when Kim’s surrogate gave birth to her daughter, Chicago West. Apparently Tristan wants to be the only one holding Khloé’s hand when she gives birth.

“Tristan freaked out after that circus,” sources close to Khloé told Radar Online, “The family didn’t see the pushing part but they were in the room vying for space after Chi came out. They were a loud, intrusive bunch and Tristan told Khloé not to even think about having them present when their baby is born.”

And, according to the source, it seems that Khloé is sticking by her man. “Khloé wants her family to be with her — but she also wants Tristan to hold her hand through the process. So if those are her choices, she’s going with Tristan. She told her mom Kris, ‘Sorry’. The Kardashian women can hang out in the waiting room, but under no circumstances will they be allowed in the birthing suite!”

And with just eight weeks to go till Khloé gives birth, there has been lots of love, with the two lovebirds seeming closer than ever. On Wednesday Tristan sent Khloé a magnificent bouquet of flowers after the death of her beloved dog, Gabbana, reports People.

Khloé shared a photo of the bouquet on Instagram saying, “Thank you baby for being so thoughtful! This gorgeous arrangement brightened up my day! You are the sweetest my love.”