Tumi Voster on her new chapter

2017-10-19 15:44
PIC: Supplied (CSA PR)

Radio and TV personality Tumi Voster isn’t just a pretty face, she recently signed up with global communications and talent agency Celebrity Services Africa (CSA). The 27-year-old media darling has been working hard on growing her brand and by teaming up with the international media group – she plans to do just that.  Tumi aims to broaden her scope of work across all mediums including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship and philanthropy – both locally and globally.

We caught up with the dynamic 5FM radio host to find out more about her exciting career move.

Were you ever in partnership with another agency prior to joining CSA, if so, why did you leave?

Yes, two to three years ago. The company mostly specialised in public relations instead of brand strategies and I felt I needed something more than public relations.  I did some research and found an agency that was going to align with my vision.

In terms of growing your brand, why do you feel the need to do so and how do you plan to go about it?

I feel the need to grow my brand because I’m growing as an individual and I’m more business-minded than before. My interests are evolving and it’s important that I don’t lose the message I want to send to my fans or the brands I engage with.  I needed an agency with insight and brand experience to handle the communication and overall business and brand strategy.

What can your fans expect from your partnership with CSA?

Fans can expect more access to content I’ll be sharing and associations I’ll be engaging in. I’ve always been a private person, but I hope to share more of my growth through my interests, inspirations, goals and all the things I’m passion about. Most of the new projects I’ll be getting into will expose a lot of things I have passion for.

Does your partnership with CSA mean we will we see you do more things outside of South Africa?

That has been my ultimate goal. I want to reach other territories and grow my brand with a global perspective and open my mind up to endless possibilities.

Since you always travel abroad, what are your top five travelling essentials?

A digital camera, travel buddy, make-up bag, a good book and statement fashion items.