Umswenko host gets candid

2017-10-16 16:03
PIC: Supplied (Leroy Marc)

He’s been in the industry for only a year but attorney-turned-entertainer Leroy Marc is slowly becoming one to look out for. DRUM chatted with the radio and television personality to get to know him better.

You’re now on Umswenko from BET. When did this happen?

Yes, I’m currently on MTV Base's Umswenko discussing fashion and celebrities and their sense of style. I was approached in August to join the new season and leaped at the opportunity. I haven't left BET as the channels are family so I see it as just visiting an aunt.

Did you see yourself moving so quickly through the industry when you joined showbiz?

It’s been a measured and thought-through growth but it’s often surprised me too. I love the space I'm in now but I’m also aware I could do so much more so I'm constantly pushing for more work, more growth and more learning.

It's crazy to think it’s only been a year since I joined BET A-List. I'm seriously blessed.

You’re a qualified attorney, so why leave a stable income for the hustle and bustle of entertainment?

Law was a great career but it wasn't where my heart was. I'm somewhat of an intellectual so it stimulated that part of my mind. Unfortunately, after being unfulfilled in that space for over five years I had to choose whether stability was worth more than passion, talent and fulfillment. After suffering from severe depression and surviving a kidnapping I decided to take the whispers of my heart seriously.

You have great fashion sense and you always look dapper, where does that come from?

A funny story really. I started following fashion in high school when a friend's mom worked for a publishing house and would bring home tons of magazines, including Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and other titles. I started trying out some of the trends and over time I developed a style that suited me and it's been instrumental to my success.

You’re also a radio host on TransAfrica, but is radio or TV your first love?

Radio came first but television is my first love. It requires all of your ability. It's a complete production demanding visual and audio ability. Radio is where I’m most free. It's also the vehicle that requires the most personality. I love them both.

If you could work at any other radio station, locally or internationally, which one would you choose?

I've had a great run at TransAfrica, but I would love to explore terrestrial radio because that's where my training was. So a 947 or Metro FM would be amazing.

When the mic is switched off and the cameras stop rolling, who is Leroy?

I'm a bit of a riot. I run a business with my friend, Neo, and we’re constantly trying to make it grow. Outside of work I'm told I'm quite laid-back. I love cartoons, partying and people-watching. Gm is my guilty pleasure and I can cook most makotis under the table.

I'm mostly myself when I'm at home or with my people in the city. I'm getting into meditating and hopefully I can meditate without falling asleep one day soon.

Your BFF is actress Dineo Moeketsi. Where did you meet and what’s your fondest memory of your friendship?

We met in high school when she accompanied my friend to our Grade 11 dance. We lost touch and met again when she returned from the US a couple of years later and we've been best friends for close to a decade.

Did being her friend help or hinder your entry into showbiz?

It's been interesting. We've kept our careers separate as far as we can because we’re individuals. She's helped me understand the industry better and make better decisions when opportunities arose but for the most part it's been her help as a friend that aided me on this journey than what she does for a living.

So far what’s been the highlight of your life?

Definitely the past 2 years. I've realised so many dreams and taken so many leaps of faith and I hope it continues to grow. It hasn't been without its challenges but I wouldn't change any part of it.

Any your least fave part?

Early 2014/15. Severe depression, racism and prejudice in the audit firm I worked in and a kidnapping to boot. Despite that it’s been one of the most empowering moments of my life to recover and reclaim my life.

For those who’ve never watched Umswenko, why should they?

Umswenko is a fun show looking at the style and fashion sense of your favourite celebrities. We critique their style and play some interesting games with them to learn more about their style identities. Nomalanga Shozi and I give them a full style crit while getting to know them.