Warren Masemola: ‘I’ve been very broke’

2018-05-04 13:16
PHOTO: Warren Masemola Instagram

South African actor and voice-over artist Warren Masemola is no doubt one of the country’s most talented treasures – his acting skills have won over audiences and even placed his name among the favourites at the Saftas every year.

In a recent interview with Metro FM’s Rams Mabote, Warren admitted because actors are basically freelancers he’s always had a fear of being out of work.

"I've always had a fear of being out of work. I realised straight out of drama school I was going to be a contract worker for the rest of my career. I always had the fear of not being in a job."

His fears were not baseless though, because he recalled a time when he was broke.

"I've been very broke before. When I finished drama school, starting out as an actor, it was really tough. I shared a two-bedroom cottage with a friend of mine . . . It was six months of being really bad. We had to do odd jobs and go on to other things."

But, thankfully, his talent makes sure he doesn’t go back to his broke days. “I feel I’ve been really lucky and blessed to be working from job to job or contract to contract,” he added.

Warren also mentioned talent alone in the industry is not enough, as he couples his talent with reference, skills, education and background to make him a unique act.


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