Watch: Nomzamo Mbatha lets us in on her refugee work

2018-02-26 12:25
PHOTO: Nomzamo Mbatha Instagram

From hanging with ballerinas in New York City to being back on set on Isibaya, Nomzamo Mbatha always seems to be onto something. But today she’s out to inspire: waking up at 4.30am, she took to Instagram on Monday to share her work as an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Nomzamo who flew to Kenya on Saturday is no stranger to the country.

“My first visit to the country was as a 15-year-old in 2005, on a similar mission, selected to be part of 50 youths from across the continent – representing South Africa at a youth conference hosted by Save the Children Sweden,” she said in a statement in to DRUM, “Coming back, the mission has not changed. I am moved even deeper in my pursuit of changing the narrative of the soil that birthed my people and me.”

This time, Nomzamo hopes to change the narrative of the African refugee and help find lasting solutions for the refugee crisis. She took to Instagram to post a “diary entry” on her way to Kakuma refugee camp.

“We are going to take two nights there. Spending time with everyone, with all our brothers and sisters and, more so, connecting,” the 27-year-old says in the video. “I believe that we can all be part of the change of the narrative of the refugee, for our displaced brothers and sisters. So I hope my journey will inspire you to be part of LuQuLuQu tribe and be inspired to stand in solidarity.”

“I’ll try not be emotional,” she added.

Check out the video below: