Khuli Chana on life after being shot by police and his new album

2019-07-25 15:25
Khuli Chana

Motswako rapper Khuli Chana recently opened up about his time away from the limelight and life after he was shot by police.

Speaking to Cassper Nyovest the Family Tree Mansion podcast Khuli explained how his life changed after he was shot in 2013.

In a case of mistaken identity, the police who were later charged, denied shooting at him and claimed that they shot warning shots. However, Khuli sustained injuries and subsequently sued the police for over R2 million. An out-of-court settlement was reached, and the cops apologised.

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Khuli says after that incident his life changed.

“Everything after that SAPS saga everything took a left turn. But there were some blessings there as well. The Absolut journey was f**ken amazing. I got to travel the continent, doing shows in Angola, Kenya and Ghana. I was rolling solo, just me and white people. It was like that for like a minute,” he told Cassper.

Even though everything was going alright, deep down he was in solitude. He admits that he was a bit lonely and disconnected from the studio and the industry.

 “I guess I kinda had to go through it,” he says.

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He is the first to point out that he missed his old life but felt it was his time to work less and cash in.

“I could feel something was missing. The streets made me and the thing that made me up there wasn’t doing the things it was supposed to do anymore. But I missed the streets though. It took me a while to connect with the music and the streets again,” he shares.

For him to reconnect with the music and the streets, he started going out but he quit drinking despite being at clubs.

“I had to sober up for a while. I don’t know how I pulled that one up because I like my drink. I was clean for a hot minute, but I would go out to the hood and just watch,” he says.

The rapper is releasing his album Planet of the Have nots in September His new single will be available on Friday, 26 July 2019.