Zahara to help disadvantaged kids with school shoes

2020-01-13 15:39

Musician Zahara is on a drive to help disadvantaged pupils with school shoes.

Through her foundation the Zahara Army with the help of some organizations and government, she is making sure that learners have school shoes as they kick start the year.

The muso says she’s relived that she has partners to help her, help others because she’s been doing this out of her pocket for a long time.

“At least I have partners now. I have been funding this out of my own money,” she tells Move!.

Zahara says she wants to take this initiative all over the country. “I have a bigger goal for it,” she says, adding that she wants to help as many learners as possible.

“If I have a loaf of bread, why can’t I share that with the next person in need?” she asks.

She has started a charity cup where 16 soccer teams will battle it out for a grand prize she is reluctant to share at this stage.

Zahara is adamant to bring some kind of hope to the youth as she says she’s witness that a lot of youngsters don’t see a bright future for themselves and have given up.

She says she saw this hopelessness when she was home in East London during the festive season.

“Young people have given up on life. They have lost hope because they see graduates without jobs,” she says.

“We keep inspiring and giving hope #ZaharaArmy,” she posted on her Instagram.