A closer look at K.O's KOrruption music video

2016-09-11 11:58
KO (Photo: Gallo Images)

City Press reviews local rapper, K.O's music video: KOrruption.

Johannesburg - I remember hearing K.O’s Skhanda Love for the very first time. Everything around me stood still as I listened to the song from beginning to end – that’s how much I loved it.

K.O is known as one of South Africa’s finest rappers, and the video for his latest single, KOrruption, is pretty good. I love its location and how it was shot.

But the song’s message bothers me. It’s mostly about having fun and comes across as disrespectful to women with lyrics like "while you’re at it, call some bitch up."

Poor people are dissed, with K.O saying "mawungenamali angekhe uhlale nathi" (if you’re broke you can’t chill with us). K.O says he and his friends will have fun and spend money, "even if at home we go to sleep hungry".

DJ Sbu and Ma-E from the Cashtime family make an appearance in the video. And then there’s a young boy dancing. Is this how we groom our young boys for the future? Or is it a rite of passage?

Basically, the video is about bringing KOrruption to the suburbs, which seems to be about "chaos" and not caring.

Definitely not my favourite K.O track

Have a look for yourself here:

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