A House party with Bacardi and Nakai

2018-01-21 08:21
Nadia Nakai (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg - Nadia Nakai was the main attraction at the Bacardi House Sessions on Friday night at a place called the Off Boyz Mansion in Sandton.

Some people in the crowd were confused about whether or not the Off Boyz Mansion was in fact her house.

It wasn’t, but that could give the next Bacardi House Sessions some thought – the idea needs a little work.

Whether or not that was a mansion is also debatable.

The venue was very underwhelming.

Nomuzi Mabena and Gemini Major

In the garden, as decorations, they had large sticks of candy floss made from insulation and lollipops made of polystyrene.

That is so not North.

Speaking of North, the self-proclaimed ruler of the cool in this area, Da L.E.S also rocked up to support performer Nakai.


It was quite a provocative set and all through the night they played the visuals for her new song Naaa Meaan, featuring Cassper Nyovest.

Unfortunately, beyond the visuals, that song falls firmly flat.

Many people were unable to gain entry because the bland venue reached capacity at 22:00 and was almost shut down by law enforcement.

Rum is the new gin in 2018 and the small crowd pushed on.

The idea of house parties with celebrities is a clever one but maybe next time try a nicer place.

Don’t just throw plastic balls from tumble town in a pool and figure the masses will be happy.

A little more creativity is needed for the next session ... and maybe better performers.